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Gamblin<span id="more-8857"></span>g Ex-Wife of Sultan of Brunei Accuses Bodyguard of £12m Theft

Miriam Aziz in better days, when she still shared a throne along with her now-ex spouse, the Sultan of Brunei (Image: AFP/Getty)

The 59-year-old ex-wife of the Sultan of Brunei has fessed up in court to some major gambling arrears played out in London’s toniest casinos, and the subsequent sale of £1million ($1,652,593) worth of fine jewelry to pay off some of her accrued gambling debts in a tale worthy of any great novelist’s plotlines, Miriam Aziz.

The hijab-covered woman testified in Isleworth Crown Court a week ago that she had indeed sold some of her gems to spend the IOUs, although she denied having once lost as much as £3 million ($4,957,781) in just one night of wagering.

According to Aziz, it absolutely was just £500,000 ($826,296), which probably for an ex-Sultaness is merely chump modification. But wait, because the plot thickens in this tale of broken hearts, broken allegiances and broken bank reports.

Former Bonded Birdies Sing

Aziz also gave testimony against her feminine previous badminton-coach-turned-bodyguard Fatimah Lim, who stands accused of herself stealing £12m ($19,831,126) worth of diamonds from Aziz, substituting phony and essentially valueless copies in their stead.

The 35-year-old Lim says that during a 20-month spree, Aziz took her sizable retinue of support staff with her to gambling venues around the world. Lim said she ended up being later instructed by Aziz to sell the jewels on Aziz’ behalf when several gambling enterprises reportedly threatened to sue the ex-queen.

Aziz denied this in court, saying, ‘No, I never asked anyone, especially Fatimah Lim, to sell the diamonds, it myself. because we would do’

Lots of Dough to Spread Around

To put this in context, the Sultan is considered the wealthiest guy in the world; so that the ex-Missus’ visits to casinos in popular spots like London, Singapore and Macau could hardly have raised an eyebrow. At first, anyway. By having a £2.5m ($4,131,484) credit limit at upscale groups like London’s Clermont in Berkeley Square, Aziz could obviously play limits that are high make extravagant wagers without anybody feeling alarmed.

Moreover, it seems the supposedly devout Muslim Aziz a Royal Brunei Airlines flight attendant before becoming the Sultan’s wife prodded Lim to gamble herself, saying she would give both Lim and some other feminine bodyguards gambling bankroll to the tune of £1,500 ($2,479) a pop. Their London casino sojourns would sometimes cover as many as three casinos nightly.

‘There were people in your wider circle not as enthusiastic about gambling that it was not in accordance with the activities of a Muslim,’ said Lim’s defense attorney Rupert Pardoe as you there was a perception. ‘You’ve got hatched a plot to blame Fatimah Lim for the theft of these rings and also this diamond bracelet.’

Lim stands accused of three counts of theft in the trial that is still-ongoing.

Aziz’ ex-husband Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah divorced Aziz after a 21-year wedding and four young ones, in 2003. It’s difficult to keep track of their various and sundry matrimonies and his progeny, but it appears like the score is: one royal long-term consort; the stripped-of-all-titles and now ex, Aziz; and a former Malaysian television hostess who only made it 5 years with her royal ex, and who was also stripped of all of the titles and her allowance, as reportedly was Aziz.

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Proposes Jail Time and Fines for On Line Gambling

One Pennsylvania lawmaker would like to make online gambling an offense punishable with jail time and fines (Image:

Pennsylvania might be one of many largest states population-wise that is seriously considering on line gambling, but that doesn’t mean everyone else there is certainly on board quite yet. And while the Keystone State studies the matter and watches how things work in neighboring nj-new jersey, one lawmaker not merely opposes putting online gambling into practice there, but really wants to jail whoever tries to place a bet online.

Threatening Society, Scavello Says

That’s the plan from State Representative Mario Scavello, who thinks that online gambling is a threat to families and kiddies. He is also concerned that problem gamblers could access internet sites and have nobody and no mechanism to stop them from throwing out everything they have right from the comfort of the own areas.

‘Here again, online gambling is most readily useful described as the crazy West,’ said Scavello. ‘Online, there’s no one around to keep an optical eye on some one who doesn’t understand when to stop.’

But while opposition to online gambling isn’t precisely breaking news, the specifics of Scavello’s proposal have definitely drawn attention.

The bill he has put forward would actively punish online gamblers with fines and potentially even jail time. That would offer Pennsylvania some of the nation’s harshest punishments for online gambling, rivaling Washington State for that title.

A first violation would be a summary offense and would carry a fine of up to $300 and up to 90 days in jail under Scavello’s bill. Things get much even worse on a offense that is second at that point, the crime becomes a misdemeanor, the maximum fine rises to $2,500 and offenders could be jailed for up to a year.

‘I believe we can start to crack down on the lawbreakers,’ Scavello said if you hit people in their wallets.

Adelson Backs Bill

And in addition, Scavello’s bill was instantly supported by Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition to Stop Web Gambling (CSIG). That team pointed to a recent quinnipiac poll that discovered that 62 percent of registered voters in Pennsylvania opposed the regulation and legalization of online gambling in their state.

‘We call in the Pennsylvania Legislature to vote in support of this bill and send a message that is powerful online gaming has no place in American society,’ CSIG said in a statement.

Along with concerns within the ease of access to online gambling web sites, Scavello also argued that Web gaming could siphon cash far from Pennsylvania’s successful casinos that are land-based potentially costing the state revenue and jobs. He also claimed that online gambling could be useful for criminal purposes, such as for example money laundering.

The proposal comes at any given time when Pennsylvania is actively seeking ways to expand the state’s gaming industry to compete with neighboring states. They will have already authorized bars that are allowing other venues to host gambling machines, and Governor Tom Corbett has stated that the state lottery should additionally offer keno games to Pennsylvania residents. Online gambling has maybe not yet been placed into the continuing state spending plan, but lawmakers happen studying it for future consideration.

Scavello’s bill has discovered some supporters within the state legislature, particularly among fellow Republicans.

‘We understand that online gambling leads to a lot of exploitation by various dubious characters that are out there,’ said State Representative David Millard. ‘Being addicted to gaming is such as for instance a cancer in our community.’

UK Mobile App Gambling Growth Going Strong

Mobile gambling particularly sports wagering has been growing exponentially in the UK, while traditional Internet play has dropped (Image: Courier-Mail)

What goes up, must come down. However in the case of the UK gambling market, two present studies are making it appear that the industry is both down and up at the time that is same. In reality, it’s just a matter of what you want to consider it, as the world of gambling is changing, and gaming that is mobile becoming exponentially bigger 12 months after year.

Slight Drop in Gambling Numbers Overall

First, there’s a new report out through the British Gambling Commission that presents fewer residents gambled in 2013 than in 2012. It’s merely a small drop, however: 55 percent of UK residents said they gambled over the four days before these people were surveyed in 2013, compared to 57 percent the year before.

That report also provided a check whom is gambling and how frequently they’re doing it. A total of 60 per cent of male respondents reported gambling at least once a while that number was just 50 percent for women month. Most gamblers said they only played as soon as a week, or less.

The commission also looked at online gambling, and saw that participation in Internet betting had been up even as overall involvement had dropped. Some 15 % said they had participated in online gambling over the very last a month, up from 14 percent a year before.

A large percentage of that online gambling is done through the UK’s National Lottery, which is also the most popular form of gambling in the country overall. In-person gambling was still the many form that is popular of though, with almost three-quarters of these who stated they gambled saying that had only done so offline.

Mobile phone Gaming Keeps Growing

What do those figures really mean? They show that online gambling continues to still grow, but features a great deal more room for expansion. And another thing that wasn’t covered in the Gambling Commission report was mobile video gaming, which includes grown enormously in just the last year.

That expansive growth had been illustrated in a report by, which studied the internet and mobile revenues of this top British bookmakers. Searching at only the largest companies, it becomes clear that mobile video gaming is the long term for online operators and that the near future may, in fact, be here already.

For instance, William Hill has seen growth that is fast how much of these sports guide revenue is now coming from mobile players. In 2012, just 26 percent of their sports guide turnover arrived from mobile wagering. But by the quarter that is second of, that number had already raised to 33 percent, and the organization expects that to go above 40 percent by the end of 2014. Extremely, William Hill reported that year-over-year profits for mobile gaming had increased 298 per cent from 2012 to 2013.

Other programs saw lower yet still dramatic prices of mobile growth. Paddy Power saw a 112 percent increase in mobile revenue in 2013, while Betfair said activity that is mobile up 64 percent year-over-year. And sports book Bet365 says that 50 % of their clients now come from cellular devices.

Based on the OddsWinner report, the growth in mobile betting is a result of many facets, including the usage that is increased of in the UK. More organizations are apps that are releasing as opposed to forcing clients to connect through their mobile browsers by itself.

‘Smartphones can now deliver the ongoing solutions required allowing clients to bet on the move,’ said Push Technology CEO Sean Bowen. ‘they are carried by us every-where and therefore can bet at anytime, anywhere. There are many more people with mobiles than PCs.’

Other factors range from the rise in interest for in-play gambling on sports, and marketing that is mobile-specific by the major UK bookmakers.