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NJDGE Sets Out Rules for Online Affiliates

Affiliate advertising is the online bread and butter for the online poker industry, nonetheless it must be strictly regulated, according to the nj-new Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) (Image:

The nj-new Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) recently clarified its laws for affiliate marketers working together with New Jersey licensed operators. Affiliate advertising is a form of web-based marketing when a company (the affiliate) establishes a relationship that is symbiotic an operator, whereby the operator will reward the affiliate for every customer introduced, via the affiliate’s own marketing efforts or through its site’s advertising.

Simply place, it’s about paying revenue share or a payment for referred company, and numerous news portals receive earnings primarily through affiliate marketing.

Establishing Boundaries

It’s problem that the on line gambling jurisdiction of New Jersey, where all marketing is strictly controlled, takes exceedingly seriously.

In April, DGE sent ‘cease and desist’ letters to numerous poker affiliate sites warning them, in no uncertain terms, that the advertising of offshore poker sites that offered games to New Jersey players would not be tolerated. The thrust of the DGE gripe seemed to be that the affiliates designated were promoting websites that are illegal sites that were authorized in New Jersey, thus giving the impression that all sites promoted were legit.

Thus last week, the DGE published its regulatory guidelines for affiliates who want to do company with brand New Jersey operators.

Vendor and Ancillary CSIE Licenses

Online gambling affiliate companies must be licensed under certainly one of two categories that are distinct explained the NJDGE ‘vendors’ and ‘ancillary casino service industry enterprises’ (Ancillary CSIE). Because there are different types within affiliate marketing, depending on the agreement between affiliate and operator, the sort of permit that must be applied for depends on which model an affiliate employs.

First, affiliates who’re paid a flat fee to direct traffic to a gambling website which include ‘cost per click’ (CPC), and ‘cost-per-view’ (CPV) should apply for a permit into the ‘vendor enrollment’ category. CPC is where an affiliate earns a fee every time a visitor clicks on a web link or banner that takes him through to an operator’s site, while CPV relates to an agreement where in actuality the affiliate gets payment each time a visitor that is unique an advertisement.

Also in this category is the agreement defined as ‘flat rate cost-per-action,’ where the affiliate receives a fee each time a visitor signs up for a video gaming site or downloads its software, for example. Businesses that are defined as ‘sponsors’, meanwhile to who an operator might spend a fee that is flat be the official partner, such as a sports team additionally fall into this bracket of licensing.

Revenue Share

Meanwhile, affiliates that fall under the more serious and presumably more Ancillary that is expensive CSIE category are the ones that employ the kind of CPA marketing that entitles to them to a portion of the customer’s first deposit or a share revenue share of the customer’s lifetime spend during the site.

The affiliate is earning a ‘rake’ of a gambler’s invest, and is thus really being licensed being an ‘ancillary casino. in case of Ancillary CSIEs, of course’ It must certanly be noted that this latter type of marketing is extremely typical within the gaming that is online an industry that in lots of ways was built on the principles of affiliate marketing.

Ben Affleck Card Counts: Whoops, it was done by him Again

Ben Affleck, a man with such heroic ‘gamble,’ he’d go Canada for 20 minutes of blackjack before being busted. (Image:

Oh, Ben Affleck, you lil ol’ so-and-so, you! Looks like Batman AKA our Hollywood mega-star Ben is going to need his Batmobile at the ready if he desires to help keep on counting cards at blackjack in every casino he sets foot in. Yes, he is been caught at it all over again, this time up north free lightning link slot games in Canada.

Let’s back track for a moment: the skill of a card-counter is not just within the ability to track a dealer’s deck with devastating accuracy simple techniques can be mastered by nearly anybody with a certain amount of patience and determination. No, the real skill comes from avoiding detection and increasing your bets without arousing suspicion; it’s about the art of disguise and diversion, creeping across the casino floor such as a kind of blackjack ninja. One thing which you might expect an actor that is well-known plays a superhero might be described as a normal at but no.

Second Time, Same once the First

Yes, just over a thirty days after he had been unceremoniously dismissed through the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Las vegas for being ‘way too obvious’ about his advantage play, the Oscar champion and poker enthusiast ended up being back at the tables, this time in the high-stakes area of the Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario, where he lasted all of 20 minutes, playing $8k per hand, before being asked to leave.

As reported by STAR magazine, their one concession up to a disguise may have been his disheveled appearance. According to a ‘source’ for the celebrity that is notoriously untrustworthy rag, ‘his hair was a disaster, and he appeared as if a mess.’

‘It took me a minute to realize it was Ben Affleck,’ continued the source that is wide-eyed. ‘ He looked disheveled and upset while sitting there gambling. He seemed actually frazzled like he had just lost a lot of money. A cigarette was being smoked by him and his head was down in his arms. As he sat up his eyes looked bloodshot, like he’d been there all night!’

That’s got to be a proposition that is tough you’re perhaps one of the most identifiable people in the entire world. Yes, we reckon a card-counter has his work cut out he enters a casino, it’s all over the newspapers the next morning for him if every time. And if he plans to help keep this up, their nickname that is new could be Blackjack Argo-Go!


At this point we must express our admiration for a man whose ‘gamble’ is indeed heroic that, having been the topic of recent surveillance alerts in Las Vegas (the Las Vegas casinos share information on a community database of known ‘suspicious characters’), he made a decision to visit Canada for a couple rounds of his favorite game. Forgetting that it is not 1849, and computer systems are every where particularly among US casino companies that are Las Vegas-based.

Unsurprisingly, taking into consideration the amount of travel involved, Affleck was reportedly ‘pretty angry,’ when protection cottoned on to his presence at the Caesar Windsor and told the dealers to stop what they had been doing before asking him to leave.

Needless to say, CELEBRITY is suggesting that Affleck’s impossibly wife that is glamorous Jennifer Garner, is distraught about his gambling habits and was ‘absolutely mortified about the Las Vegas incident,’ adding that ‘everything has actually gone downhill ever since then.’ Well, STAR would say that, that’s its job, but we’re not sure there’s any proof of this. In reality, we fail to understand why anyone could be too troubled about their handsome, talented, millionaire movie-star spouse letting off steam sporadically by using benefit methods in a casino at stakes he can well afford. But maybe that is simply us.

World Cup Promo Sparks Outrage with Melbourne Jesus Balloon

A Christ that is giant the balloon floats over Melbourne as a Sportsbet advertisement. (Image: News Corp Australia/Andrew Tauber)

To a lot of round the world, soccer (or soccer) is a faith. And with the World Cup now in complete move, there is more attention than in the past on the popular game. But one sports betting business created a furor when they tied gambling on the sporting event with one of the most well-known religious symbols of all time.

Las week, floated a 151-foot balloon that is tall Melbourne that resembled the famous Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro. The balloon showcased Jesus Christ wearing A australian world cup jersey sporting the hashtag #KEEPTHEFAITH.

Religious Leaders React Harshly

Not surprisingly, the stunt went over a bit like a lead balloon among many, especially those of spiritual faith.

‘It’s stupid, short-sighted, it’s going to offend a complete lot of people,’ child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg told the Herald Sun. ‘It’s very offensive, specially in the event that you’re religious.’

Dan Flynn of the Australian Christian Lobby told radio station 3AW that the advertisement that is flying likely to target vulnerable groups.

‘ In a sense Jesus is being co-opted [to increase gambling revenues] and the concerns are thought by me that we might have is that people seeing this flying over the CBD (Melbourne’s Central Business District), children who have a fascination with Jesus, a fascination of balloons, are sort of inducted into the culture of gambling,’ Flynn said. ‘Jesus was truly for the poor and now we understand the result of gambling in the bad, they take the brunt that is biggest of that.’

There had been additionally concerns from some that the stunt could offend the host nation of Brazil.

‘One associated with great statues in Rio is Jesus, and Brazil is a Catholic nation that takes its faith seriously and its football fanatically,’ Reverend Tim Costello regarding the Churches Gambling Taskforce that is australian said. ‘You don’t exploit those things which can be sacred to people exclusively for your advertising reach that is own.’

Sportsbet Laughs Off Controversy

On the other hand, Sportsbet may exactly have gotten what they wanted out of the balloon: a lot of attention. They seemed to laugh off the criticisms across the board.

‘Let’s be honest,’ said Sportsbet PR manager Shaun Anderson, ‘the Socceroos need scuba diving intervention to progress past their three group games so the message we’re aiming to get across is that for all Aussies to keep consitently the faith in the Socceroos.’

Ads in Italy, UK Also Use Statue Questionably

Given the nature that is iconic of Christ the Redeemer statue, it is no surprise that it’s shown up in advertising for the World Cup around the globe sometime in insensitive or inappropriate methods. This week, there was also controversy over A italian television ad that revealed the statue this time in its real location over Rio wearing an Italian national team jersey.

The Brazilian Catholic Church, which owns the liberties to the image of the statue, called the advertisement ‘disrespectful,’ while Edio Costantini president regarding the Vatican’s activities organization said that ‘we reside in world which has put Jesus on the work bench.’

Meanwhile, City AM in the UK faced criticism that is similar operating a gambling ad that showcased Christ the Redeemer together with supply around a bikini-wearing model and holding liquor along because of the slogan ‘there’s a more exciting side to Brazil.’